"Karate and Schoolwork
             go hand in hand"

Kids Karate classes Salisbury, MD

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"Salisbury's trusted resource for child development"
Maryland State Certified Child Care Center

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Benefits of Kids Karate lessons...

New Friends

Physical Fitness

Self Esteem



Character Building



Better Behavior

Self Discipline

Goal Setting
Improved Grades





Bully Proof
Let's give YOUR child the EDGE!
Mitchell's Martial Arts is the place to
be! Karate for Kids, Adult Martial Arts,
Before and After School program, 
Child Care, Summer Camp, Kids 
Birthday Parties... The list goes on!
We have something for every member
of the family!

Our Little Dragons Karate class for
children ages 3 - 5 is just what kids
need in preparation for kindergarten
or elementary school! This karate
class is designed to teach the 
fundamental movements that
enhance motor, concentration and
listening skills while having fun!

The Kenpo Kids Karate class is 
entry level instruction for
children ages 6 and up. Your child
will gain self esteem, discipline
and physical conditioning while
learning basic self defense skills.
Teen Training at Mitchell's Martial
Arts is a blast! We provide fast
paced and high energy classes.
From our tricking techniques with
gymnastic and Xtreme Martial
Arts stunt moves and Leadership
class your teen is in for a great time!

Adult Martial Arts classes include
a great self defense system known 
as Kenpo Karate. Men and women
find that our Leadership class is
invaluable. Add roller skating to your
martial arts program and you'll shed
pounds and get into great shape.
Give us a call TODAY!

The Before and After School karate
program is second to none. We drop
them off to school and pick them up
after school. How convenient is that?
Kids learn character building and 
leadership skills 5 days per week!
Summer Camp atMitchell's Martial
Arts is the place to be. Kids return
year after year for a reason. Camps 
are divided for age appropriate
activities. Click the summer camp 
link above for all of the details. Give 
us a call to reserve your 2016 spot!

Maryland State Certified Child Care
Center - Offering kids a safe and fun
alternative to regular day care while
providing the educational benefits
in preparation for kindergarten!
Reading, music, science, nature
walks and of course exercise is just
a small part of the curriculum!

Birthday Parties - Mitchell's Martial
Arts is the authority on kids birthday
parties in Salisbury, MD. We provide
several options and packages. Kids
love our full size skating rink. Call 
today to reserve, will fill up fast!

"Parents, lots of young ladies here!"

Martial Arts for the whole family

Mitchell's Martial Arts has so much to offer your
family! With martial arts instruction for all age groups,
you will study Kenpo Karate in our Martial Arts program. 
Families of school age children find that our Before
School drop off and After School Karate pick up is 
second to none! Kids look forward to attending Camp
Extreme summer after summer. Parents of our after
school kids are relieved to find that they also have a 
place for their younger ones in our Maryland State 
Certified Child Care Center. Pretty convenient! Mitchell's
curriculum includes XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) and 
Leadership classes for Teens and Adults. We offer
awesome themed Birthday Party Celebrations, parents
night out and even Super Cool Ninja sleep overs! All of 
this and more located in our beautiful facility that
includes a full size Roller Skating Rink! How cool is
that? With all that is available at Mitchell's Martial 
Arts we're sure that we have something special for
every member of your family! Children and adults
alike will gain confidence, physical fitness and greater
self esteem through our high energy and exciting Kenpo
Karate classes. Students enjoy our Leadership classes
that help them in all facets of their school, work and home
lives. Dad's especially, gain peace of mind in knowing that
their daughters learn how to better defend themselves. 
Parents and teachers soon find that students are better
behaved, achieve improved grades, are more respectful
and better equipped to handle negative peer pressure!
Parents want to know that their child has learned the 
skills andgained the character that it takes to
appropriately deal with bullies. Our outstanding
staff stands ready to help parents instill in their
child all of the wonderful attributes that training
in the martial arts has to offer! We as Black Belt
Instructors will help guide, encourage and coach
your child in character building, goal setting, 
responsibility, teamwork and leadership. "We are
the trusted resource for child development!"
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